Adrift in a Sea of Data

For a long time, I've wanted to learn the ins and outs of the javascript library, d3, so that I can finally receive my black belt in data visualization. I've done a lousy job working on this goal, but I think now I've figured out why. Overchoice.

There is just too much data to choose from these days! Seriously. Kaggle, the online data science community, hosts 13,984 unique and free datasets. Now Google even has its own dataset search. Frankly, it's daunting and immobilizing to look for a dataset within this great digital sea of information.

Luckily, I stumbled on a solution to my problem. Jeremy Singer-Vine, Data Editor at BuzzFeed News, hosts a great newsletter by the name of Data is Plural, where every week he lists five interesting and completely random open-source datasets. My math might be wrong, but I think five is less than 13,984.

Every week -- to finally achieve my goal of data visualization greatness -- I'm going to draw from these five datasets one problem to look at and talk about. The rules I've made for myself are:

  • dataset must come from the current week.
  • visualization must use d3 in some capacity.
  • if it's not fun anymore, stop.

Now that the rules are set, Here I go! Where the data will take me, I don't know.

You're welcome to tag along.
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